From Stefan KIM

Dear valuable members and friends,

Greeting from Les Clef d’Or Korea.

We are going to hold the 65TH UICH International Congress 2018 in Seoul, Korea.
How much do you know about Korea?
Are you interested in Korea where is beautiful country with 4 seasons?
How much do you know about Seoul, Korea where is beautiful spring season begun on April?
We would like to introduce about Seoul where active, breathing Traditional culture and modern city to you all have.

We are expecting to show the 65TH UICH International Congress in Seoul, Korea where developing and keeping 5000years history and become largest tourist zone in the World. Also we think many of our dear friends wait for attending Seoul Congress.

We much appreciated dear friends around world to concern and register a congress where can experience traditional Culture, delicious Foods and one of the worlds class hotel services in the World

We, Les Clef d’Or Korea, look forward to seeing you all in Korea on Apr.5th.2018.
Thank you.

Stefan Kim

Stefan KIM
Les Clefs d’Or Korea